Change Starts with You



Overcome your fears and clear your limiting beliefs around CHANGE using Emotional Freedom Techniques

“Change can come in so many different forms from job loss, financial uncertainty, diagnosis of a health issue, break-up with a loved one, grief, loss, conflicts at home. I myself have experienced unexpected changes in my life from career, relationships, health issues and the loss of my mother.  EFT has really enabled me to clear my fears and uncertainty and has transformed my life for the better.  
Join me for this powerful one-day workshop and learn skills to handle change, tension and fears around change in a healthier manner as well as create more empowering beliefs to embrace change.”

  The course includes:

• What is EFT and how to use to handle change and negative emotions and beliefs around change
• Uncover and clear fears about change
and uncertainty
• Clear stress and tension related to change
• Create empowering beliefs to handle change in a healthier way


Please see my link for a video of EFT:

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