"Neela was great.  She is friendly and kindly and pushed me when I needed it in just the right way.  She is very intuitive and a pleasure to work with.  The session enabled me to focus my energy and get me moving forward again after I had stalled" - Director & Entrepreneur

"The coaching session helped me to clear my mind and focus on the goal.  Neela helped me to articulate my strengths and show them in a positive light.  As a result,  I was able to prepare myself mentally which enabled to be more confident in the way I presented myself at the interview".  Project Coordinator, GSK

"Neela is a loving and compassionate facilitator. Everything that Neela shares comes from her own direct experience of having overcome life's unexpected challenges. She is always heart-centered and creates a space for others to be themselves and to overcome adversity. You will really enjoy being in her presence." Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri, founder Vitality Living College

“Neela is an amazing EFT trainer and excellent coach as well as being awesome human being. She’s always present and completely lives in the now which gives her training an edge and sets her apart as a trainer. She is always centred and holds an embrace of love and security that makes people resolve their issues in an extremely positive environment. Her corporate background and the multiple coaching methodologies that she integrates make her effective in quickly and successfully helping people. I would highly recommend a personal training session with Neela, it will start you on a path to healing, growth, health, happiness and freedom” Prashant Jain, CEO & Entrepreneur, Hyderabad India

"Neela is an excellent facilitator. Her sessions are entertaining, simplified so that a layperson can easily understand and relate to her explanations.  I have seen remarkable results in each of her sessions. People seem happier, more confident and motivated by her. We look forward to her visits to Hyderabad as there is always something new to learn from her. I love your energy"  Dalim Sen Sahgal, Soft Skills Consultant & Facilitator, Hyderabad India

"I met Neela when I was in immense emotional pain from break up of a long precious friendship.   She helped me to realise never to leave a situation in pain.  That was the truth that clicked for me in the moment.   I prayed for healing and experienced immediate freedom by not believing the negative situation as the End and created a new beginning.  A miracle happened and everything turned around.  I found myself in  complete freedom “not needing anything” from the other person.  It was an unforgettable moment in my life".   Ingrid,  Lawyer Secretary, Germany

“Neela is a truly spiritually committed practitioner and coach.  She has been trained over many years both in England and other countries, to hone her skills of support, help and alleviation of suffering. She lives her work, by travelling extensively, and allowing the work to come to her. She gives all of herself to this work.  Her training encompasses leadership and human performance, energy and psychic work, specific accredited training in human growth models, tools and techniques exploring life as a journey and path of awakening. She operates without ego, with complete honesty and openness, and serves to bring all she knows in service of each person whose life she touches. Neela has a knack of seeing into people, and calling out what we tend to side-step and avoid. In conjunction with all of this, she has chosen to live life and not have life live her, time and again taking decisions and actions that are the ‘harder’ solution and yet are true to herself and her calling. You will enjoy the experience of being with her! " Adrian Machon, MD, Intracare Associates Ltd

"Neela's healing sessions with me, really shifted the internal barricades within myself and helped me grow a new leaf of my life, which at one phase of my life, I had thought as nearly impossible to attain. Her work on me was truly transformational!" Tarini Khetarpal, Delhi, Homemaker



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